Look at his hand

Isaiah 59:1 “Behold, the LORD”s hand is not shortened, that is cannot save; Neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear.”

Mt 14:22-32 talks about Jesus and Peter walking on the water. The Bible says that Peter got out of the boat for one purpose, “to go to Jesus”. But once Peter drew closer to Christ, he saw the boisterous wind, and he feared, and began to sink. Peter cried out to Jesus, “Lord, save me!” And “immediately, Jesus stretched forth his hand, caught him…”  I know that dark seasons come to us where it feels, like Peter, that we’re sinking. Trials weigh on us, enemies relentlessly attack us, sicknesses come and go, family disappoints; and sometimes it all seems a little too much. But Peter knew two things: he knew that the Lord’s hand was not short, and that his ear was not deaf.

What dark days have to you gone through? What are impossible thing are you dealing right now? Isaiah 59:1, the word “Behold” means to stop and think. I’d like to ask you do just that: stop for a minute and think… God Almighty’s hand is not short that it cannot save you, neither His arm weak. Is there anyone stronger than our omnipotent God? Is there anyone with a longer reach? How far under water do you feel? How far away form God do you feel? Stop and think, His hand is not short.

“Neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear.” Regardless of how close or far Peter was when he was sinking, regardless of how loud the rain and thunder may have been, or how much sound the raging waves took from his voice: Christ’s ear was not deaf toward his pleas. So again, stop and think: God’s ear is not deaf that he can’t hear you crying out to him. Call out to God, because he loves you, and he wants to extend his hand to you. Are you bound for hell? Call out to him to save you. Are you going through trials, Christian? Call out to him. Are you in a dark season? Call out to him. Do you need direction from God that only he can give? Stop and think, his hand is not short, neither his ear heavy.

I know I’d die – part 3/3

… That God did not make you to live how you want. God made you for an intense purpose. There’s is a plan for your life, God wants you to do great things.

What are you going doing with you life right now? Can you honestly say, before God and every man, that you are in God’s perfect will for your life right now?that you are living, right now, his will? Can you see the great need in front you? How that people are in need of Jesus Christ? God made you to seek him, and he wants you to fervently witness to the lost.

Do you have an overwhelming desire to live for your God?for your Lord? Do you honestly believe that if you could no longer live for him, or that if you chose to do anything else with your life but serve Jesus, that you’d die?! If that’s you, please, please tell the lost about Jesus.

I have no problem asking this as well. Some of you have never lost the desire for missions, even though it’s been years since God first placed that desire in your heart… will you please follow that calling now, and delay no longer…?

I know I’d Die – Part One

I listened to our Pastor talk about having fire, and that if he decided to do anything else, rather than God’s will for him, if he chose not to preach, he truly believed that God would kill him. I remembered something that happened when I was 18.

I became bitter and tried running from God. I was only for a short time, but it seemed long enough. Those couple weeks were miserable. I started having chest pains, and went to the doctor. And I was referred to a heart specialist.

I listened to the specialist talk to his nurse outside of my door. He said to her,”You have the wrong age written here, it says 18 years old, and you meant to put 78.”

The nurse told him the right age was written down. But he proceeded to say that,”That’s impossible, these are the symptoms of an 80 year old man.” He was completely shocked when he saw my age…

I know I’d Die – Part Two

… they ran their tests, the specialist told me they needed to run more because the preliminary tests didn’t look good.

I went home, and told God how sorry I was for trying to run from him. I told him I desperately I still wanted to live for him. After I repented, that pressure on my heart ceased. Prior to that, I literally felt that it would explode, but God showed mercy.

My teenage years, before God saved me, suicide was something I thought about more and more as the years went by. I’m not sure if I would have followed through with it or not. But God showed me his great love for me. I learned that God loved me, and that he had a purpose for my life.

When I learned that God wanted to use me, that he had a purpose for me, that one thing made me want to live, and love for God. I know that I’d of died would I have kept running from him, would I have chosen to reject his purpose for me. So I learned something vital that every one of God’s children should know…

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